Our Rotary District Grant Project for 2023-24: Interchange Food Pantry

Rotaract Milwaukee’s 2024 Rotary District Grant Project is a wrap!
This year’s project was: partnering with Interchange Food Pantry in Milwaukee to help fund their fresh fruits & veggies program for a week 🥬🧅🥔🍌🍎

For the past three years, Rotaract Milwaukee has earned a grant from our Rotary International district (Rotary District 6270), and this year we applied to help one our longstanding partners we’ve volunteered with before: Interchange Food Pantry. This grant Interchange Food Pantry Interchange Food Pantrywas intended to help families in our community who need emergency food assistance.

Big thanks to the 11 volunteers we had show up and help package and distribute food in person too – thanks to you, 195 households/954 people were helped this month.
Live in or near Milwaukee and in your 20s/30s? Consider volunteering with Rotaract Milwaukee next time! Check out our Meetup event page for more.