COVID-19 and Guatemala – RUN 4 WATER this week!

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new challenges to all communities throughout the world. As a service club with both a local and international focus, members of our group have heard stories of hardship told from many perspectives this past year: within the US, from our nearby neighbors in Canada and Mexico, and slightly more distant places like Sri Lanka, Brazil, and of course Guatemala.

Our club has supported work coordinated by Rotary clubs and Engineers Without Borders groups over the years, helping with fundraising for efforts such as for bridges, schools, and water & sanitation facilities. This past year has seen a need for even more support, and Rotary groups have stepped up. As noted in a recent article on, people from Milwaukee and elsewhere have come together this past year to form emergency response committees and help people on the ground in Guatemala get access to important public health equipment, from ventilators to personal protective equipment and more:

Our club is partnering with Rotary and Engineers Without Borders once again on a fundraiser for supporting public health in Guatemala: water and sanitation efforts. We hope you will consider joining us for the run either in person on April 18th 2021 or on your own anytime that week!